Main Line Beers


Sunset Vienna Lager

A Vienna-style lager filtered crystal clear and perfect for easy drinking on a sunny day.

4.5% ABV  18 IBU


Bulletproof Texas Pale Ale

Brewed with Texas craft malts and Texas-grown grapefruit, dry-hopped for a strong citrus aroma, a subtle honey-like sweetness and a crisp, easy to drink finish.

5.2%  47 IBU


Checkered Past Texas Ale

Specially brewed for Texas Motor Speedway®. A crisp, cold-filtered ale brewed in the heart of Texas and engrained in the Outlaw Spirit.

6.2%  15 IBU


Repercussion German Alt

A fire red amber ale brewed in a German style to produce berry-like aromas and a malty body. German yeast provided a spiced fruit finish.

5.0%  23 IBU


Boss Raptor IPA

We never had control, that’s the illusion! We were overwhelmed by the power of this beer. We didn’t have enough respect for that power and now it’s out. Be afraid. Be very afraid. An exotic mixture of hop varieties combine to provide crisp bitterness and tropical fruit flavor and aromas.

6.0% ABV  65 IBU


Black Widow Imperial Chocolate Stout

A thick, creamy head with dark berry and coffee aromas gives way to a black, robust body with flavors of freshly roasted coffee and chocolate cake. Black Widow will warm you up inside and out.

8.8% ABV  40 IBU

Gold Medal Winner, 2015 Best Little Brewfest in Texas


Evil Cream Soda Spiced Ale

All of the sweet, delightful cream soda flavor you remember from your childhood, twisted to a 6.9% monster.
This beer drinks like soda, kicks like a mule, and won’t call you in the morning.

6.9% ABV  18 IBU

Beats and Brews

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Seasonal Beers


Spring Break Belgian Wit

Light and Hazy, this perfect spring offering brings a classic belgian session beer to life.  Citrus and floral notes in the aroma and a light sweetness to finish, its the beer you accidentally drink the whole six-pack of.


Summer Nights Back Porch Ale

A light summer ale brewed with coriander, lemongrass and experimental hop varieties.

5.2% ABV  30 IBU


Free Fallin’ Oktoberfest

Brewed from the unique German Barke barley to impact a rich malt aroma.

5.3% ABV 18 IBU


Winter Wonderland

Our winter seasonal is an easy drinking stout full of body and laughter and gently spiced with cinnamon and vanilla.   If you enjoy dark spiced beers during our frigid 70 degree winters this is the beer for you.

6.0% ABV    22 IBU

Half Price Beer


Abbey Series


Tripel Belgian Style Ale

To bring this classic style to life we started with the finest Belgian Vienna malts, Candied Sugar and a historical Belgian Yeast.  Add some American ingenuity and you get a beautiful amber gold brew with thick white head.  Sweet fruit aromas and flavors reminiscent of pineapple.

10.2% ABV  30 IBU


Grand Cru Belgian Style Ale

Grand Cru denotes something special, the very best a brewery has to offer. We use Belgian pilsner malts, candy sugar, and sweet Curacau orange peel. The rich color is created in a 12-hour boil starting with a deep caramel character to mix with sweet fruit notes of our Belgian wit yeast.

12.5% ABV  30 IBU


Quad Belgian Style Ale

12.4% ABV  45 IBU

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